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Intuitive Personal Energy Readings

Shamanic Healing

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I see shamanic healing techniques as practical tools to reconnect to our ancestors and environment. In reconnecting and becoming more aware, I have found that a natural awe and gratitude arises, as well as a sense that we are not alone. We are part of a family, a family that stretches back in time to all hominids, mammals and proto life, then outward to include the rest of existence

As our connections and awareness grows, so does our range of information. The land, the animals, our bodies all have signs and signals that can be read

As our relationships with our (well) ancestors develop, we have access to huge support, information and healing. This ability to listen and align, guides us to the most protected, beneficial situations

What types of shamanic techniques are available?
* Soul Retrieval >
* Psycho Pomp > (healing spirits of the dead)
* Clearing & Extraction Work >
* Ancestral Healing >
* Shamanic Journey & Healing >

The type of healing that would be most beneficial can be determined by talking to the client, or journeying to gather information and guidance

Healings take approximately 75 - 90 minutes and are based in GMT time zone

The cost of a Healing is €75
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Soul Retrieval

At times of shock, trauma or the need to protect the self, parts of us can go into hiding. This loss of self leaves us feeling incomplete, lacking skills or qualities of being, such as joy, playfulness, curiosity… Journeying to retrieve these lost fragments can be felt physically and emotionally, but need support and integration to keep them

Psycho Pomp

Some people that die with unresolved issues, or a disconnection to their own guides and authentic self, get lost or stuck in the memory of that life. Their energy can remain and attach to people who have a familiar emotional range or have a quality they resonate with. This is not beneficial to either the spirit or the person they attach to. The spirit can exacerbate any defensive behaviour patterns, encourage addictions or destructive acting out. The psycho pomp/ spirit removal work helps resolve the spirits issues and reconnects them with their guides. There is one less negative voice in your head & some enlightening information about our own thought/behaviour patterns too

Clearing & Extraction Work

We often carry around energy that is not ours and is not helpful. We can keep unhealthy connections, take onboard the struggles of others, or have been subject to harmful intent. In the extraction work, we clear any unhelpful debris and work on boundaries

Ancestral Healing

Some of the challenges we experience in our everyday life originate in recent family trauma or older ancestral troubles. These can be issues experienced by a large cultural group of ancestors, or by one ancestor- which then became repeated and repeated by subsequent relatives. Ancestral healing can change situations in your own life, but also has a ripple effect, benefiting many people in your family, often changing dynamics and improving relationships

Shamanic Journey & Healing

Journeying for clients can gather information, guidance & healing. To journey, you need a specific intention, either to learn more about a particular situation, ask for healing for a certain issue, or to ask what type of healing would benefit the client best. It always astounds me how much information, help and support there is, if we simply ask

Shamanism & Cultural Appropriation

Every culture on earth has it’s own shamanic tradition, even though they arose separately, there are many shared teachings and similarities. My genetic background is mostly English, which is a culture with a broken lineage of shamanic tradition. British culture does have ancient indigenous spiritual traditions, as does the rest of Europe and these are still available to be tapped into

I wasn’t surrounded by a culture of spirits or journeys to other worlds, but as a child I saw & spoke to spirits on a daily basis, journeyed through my dreams to other realms, had visions of the future and tended a shrine to my departed grandmother. It was my natural way. Shamanic techniques are within us all, we don’t have to adopt traditions, we can be taught by our own guidance. This doesn’t mean that I don’t learn from others, or do not research other cultures, (I do, I have a great interest in other cultures) but my techniques are my own or universal and I don’t claim any affiliation with any lineage that is not my own. My intention is a respectful one of constant learning

Types of Reading

The readings work at a deep level and are more suited to people that have good self-awareness and experience of personal development or therapy

This is a healing experience and needs to be taken when you feel ready, therefor it is best to book for yourself, not for others

There are two types of reading; Drawing and Direct Layers

Energy Drawing Reading

Kate can draw your energy field, just like a spiritual before and after picture

The first drawing depicts you as you are now, caught up in your everyday behaviour patterns. The second drawing depicts you as you are in your true energy flow, your true nature and full potential. This reading is very beneficial as a first reading and gives a great overview. It is the suggested reading if you don’t quite know what the problem is, or where to start. It will help you get a lay of the land and see where you are at. The most important issues of the moment show up. It works well if you are a visual learner

The drawings are not meant to be masterpieces, they serve as very helpful visual aid. Some of the true flow pictures do make beautiful patterns though and all carry a wonderful energy

Direct Layers Reading

This is the reading to choose if you want to explore the energetic layers behind a specific feeling, behaviour pattern, circumstance or illness. To begin, you will need to know and be able to explain, what the feeling is that you want to explore and where in your body it is. Kate will then follow the layers of that feeling

This does not mean that you are the cause of the circumstance or illness. We are not always responsible for what happens to us, but we are responsible for processing our feelings about it. We are not responsible for what is handed down to us, but we are responsible for healing ourselves from what has been handed down to us

Processing a situation, heals a situation

When you heal and begin to operate from true flow, it turns old circumstances on their head, changes relationship dynamics, brings connection, opportunities and a good energy flow to our bodies

*Kate does not offer medical advice or suggest any changes to medication being taken
Readings take approximately 75 - 90 minutes and are based in GMT time zone

The cost of a reading is €75
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The reading was really insightful and I felt validated and positive afterwards. Kate painted a picture of my inner energy field which really resonated for me, helping me to reconnect and feel aligned with my inner being. Highly recommend! 


Kate’s kind, sensitive and insightful reading gave me a new perspective on some of the bigger issues I’d been tripping over and helped me to see a way through


Readings with Kate are a unique and loving experience. Kate gives her whole self to the reading, I felt 100% of her attention and skills. Compassionate and insightful, I gained a deeper perspective that was both motivating and soothing. I highly recommend Kate 



What are the benefits?

You will get a clear picture of yourself and your life right now, as if someone had written your own personal life manual

You will see your circumstances in a completely new light and gain a deep understanding of yourself

You will gain clarity and direction

It will remind you what is true for you

You will receive healing to the core of you and love for your core-essence

You will feel seen and heard on a deep level

You will get a more meaningful answer to life, the universe and everything, than 42

Can the readings be done long distance?

Kate works over Zoom and face to face in County Kerry, Ireland