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Intuitive Personal Energy Readings

In Depth Readings

A confused string man trying to unravel the tangled strings of his life

Like a manual, these readings are direct, practical and give a clear overview of how you work

We all get knocked off our path, become lost, disillusioned, tired or feel alone. This reading helps to give a bigger picture, to see what we came here to do, what throws us off & how to get back on track

This reading is helpful for people who…
* Want inspiration & a deeper understanding of themselves
* Want to be reminded of their purpose
* Want to look into their own behaviour patterns & thought processes
* Want to move toward a state of being, not reactivity
* Want to create meaningful connections, rewarding work & a free flow of their pure being

Kate is an experienced, caring intuitive who combines empathic skill and pragmatism to bring you an in depth reading for the healing of your core issues

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I think we have all tapped into our true self at times, and experienced the magicalness of being in it’s flowy, wonderful state of ease and happiness... but, we can just as easily lose sight during tough times and get lost within the extraneous. I found Kate to be wonderful in guiding me back to my true self, through positive imagery and affirmation of the powers we hold within. A gentle, healing process


Kate is honest, kind, compassionate, and down to earth. I've been fortunate to receive a number of reading from Kate over the past few years, especially during times when I have felt particularly stuck, or down. Kate's readings have brought me new awareness, insight, self-compassion and healing. She has helped me to get unstuck, reconnecting me with my strengths and my own sense of personal power