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Intuitive Personal Energy Readings
Kate Shelley from Life Manual Readings

About Kate

Kate is based in South West Ireland and has been giving intuitive readings for over twenty five years. Since childhood she has explored and cultivated  her connections with spirit and learnt to hone her craft from an early age

She is a down to earth, practical, caring person with a sense of humour. The readings reflect her qualities, her approach is a mix of the serious and light-hearted, rational and magical, always tender and understanding

Kate is an artist and dancer. She loves to explore emotional release through movement and investigate felt experiences that are stored in the body. She is a lover of physics, archaeology, anthropology and has an insatiable appetite for new discoveries as well as ancient crafts and skills

She is a deeply loving, creative and curious person that delights in the differences between people. She is in constant awe at our uniqueness and connection to each other

Her healing comes from a deep gratitude to her ancestors, (who do the “Work”) and a sense that we are always held in love. We have more support than we are aware of, our bodies are always working to heal, we have many  incredible resources  - even in the most seemingly bleak situations. Great things are possible

About the Reading

The wisdom and guidance to live our lives aligned and in flow, is present in all of us. I have found the wisdom to be practical, powerful and full of compassion

In everyday life, it can be hard to keep grounded in that wisdom. It is very easy to get distracted and pulled off course. Wouldn't it be useful to have someone that could feel into your own knowledge & wisdom & relay that back to you from a clear perspective?

That's what I do. I read your life manual. Everyone is a fascinating book!

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I got 3 readings over a period of 18 month. They were very helpful because they reflected my personal situation very accurately. I went through a difficult time during those 18 month and needed some clarity and guidance. It was amazing how the readings reflected my physical and mental/ emotional situation and the improvement that happened over time. I got great encouragement and reassurance and learned a lot about myself. Kate was very professional and also very caring. It was a pleasant experience and I will definitely continue with the readings in the future


Kate was very thorough with her readings and really helped me understand myself in a completely new way. She was able to identify where some of my issues were and how I could overcome them. Thereafter I was able to see patterns in my everyday behaviour and begin to work on being more true to myself. Her advice was extremely competent and practical and it has helped me with specifically how I should be aware of my relationships with other people. I highly recommend!